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The standard heater band used on the Noztek Pro will maintain temperatures of 300°c for extended periods, but if you need to extrude plastics at higher temperatures then you will need a more powerful heating element. The Noztek Pro HT Filament Extruder elements will allow you to extrude to a maximum temperature of 600°c.

As well as the high-density heater bands, we have added an upgraded PID temperature controller which is more accurate and can cope with much higher temperatures. The thermocouple has been upgraded to a more robust design in order to withstand 600°c.

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Typically this unit has been designed to extrude thermoplastics such as ULTEM, PEEK and TPE, which have high melting points. Extruding these polymers requires much more torque to rotate the feed screw and this version now comes with an optional 17.5 Nm DC motor which runs at 15 RPM. If your requirement is to extrude powdered, viscous or composite materials, you can add an extra band heater to ensure the material is molten before it reaches the nozzle end.

They key to the success of Noztek Pro extruder range is its’ simplicity of use. Three switches control the heater, motor and the cooling element. With the PID the user can accurately control the temperature from 50°c – 600°c.




Noztek Pro HT duo


  • Converts a variety of thermoplastic resin including ULTEM, Fortron and PEEK (extra heater band required) to either 1.75mm or 3mm filament (Both dies included). Blanks available upon request.
  • Extrudes at 50-600 Celsius
  • Filament tolerances 1.75mm (+ .04/ – .04)
  • Fully assembled and ready to make filament right out of the box.
  • Extrudes up to 2.5m per minute (Dependent on extrusion temp and plastic).
  • Produces 1kg of filament in just over 2 hours.
  • Simple to use.

If you intend to extrude viscous materials then please contact us for a quote, as you will need an extra heater band on the barrel. Please also note that we recommend the barrel is purged after each extrusion run.

If you need to extrude at high temperatures this is the unit for you. We will ship you a Noztek Pro HT complete with the high-temperature band, an upgraded temperature sensor, an upgraded power supply, plus a 45° bracket.

Both 110V and 220V versions are available, please state which you require upon ordering.


The Noztek Pro HT is now available with an upgraded Stainless Steel Barrel & Screw, specially designed for durability while extruding abrasive materials





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