Full Filament Extrusion System


An entire extrusion system, from pellet to filament


The Full System

The Noztek full extrusion system is now available to buy as a package. Including everything you need to get from pellet to spooled filament. You’ll not only have everything under seamless control and running without intervention, but you’ll also be able to monitor every process and collect data on the go.

The Noztek Products in Harmony

More and more, our customers are asking for greater control and manipulation for the materials they’re working with. At a time when innovation is moving at such speed and the competition is high, you’ll want a set up that delivers reliable results and where all components are in harmony with each other. We love this full extrusion system for the smooth and careful way it passes filament through the process.

The Xcalibur is our top performing desktop extruder. Feed pellets into the hopper here to begin the process. The extruder forms the polymer into a smooth filament before the filament travels through the Water Bath. Now cooled, the Tolerance Puller will now manage the diameter and pass the filament onward to the Winder 2.0, where it is smoothly wound onto spool.

Measure Extrusion Performance

Of course, you’ll be able to use our software to monitor the performance for the Xcalibur and the Tolerance Puller, together on one screen on your desktop computer or laptop.

What’s included?


Noztek Xcalibur Extruder

The Xcalibur extruder is one of the most advanced desktop extruders on the market today. It has an enhanced range of features including its triple high temperature heater bands, all designed to work reliably at up to 600c (higher temperatures are available on bespoke order). This has been developed to melt almost any polymer, including high temperature thermoplastics and metal powdered combinations.

The whole barrel, screw and coupling assembly are made from stainless steel. We’ve also tweaked the three stage screw design on this model to improve extrusion performance.




Noztek Water Bath

After extruding,the cooling process can easily compromise the tolerance of your filament. The Noztek Water Bath provides even and clean cooling to maintain control of the desired filament measurements.

Noztek have designed this stainless steel water bath to enhance all aspects of the material that passes through it with the following components:The double layer bath design and integrated pump system keeps the water cycled and at a steady capacity. The tension of the filament is also heavily responsible for these results. Our all new Water Bath maintains this tension, providing the ideal distance between extruder and Puller. After customising your settings at either side, this water bath will further enhance your experience for a truly professional filament manufacturing process.




Noztek Tolerance Puller

The next step is pulling. To get the most out of your extruding process; precision and consistency of tolerance is of essential. We have developed the Tolerance Puller to relieve some of the biggest causes of material and time wastage. With this machine you can systematically manage the size of the filament, in synchroniicity with the extruding process.

Users are able to set the diameter of the filament, the speed it renders and the error correction ratio. The system relies on tension to get smooth reliable results, firstly, the ideal distance should be set using the Water Bath. Secondly, pulling the material from a larger nozzle on the extruder to a much smaller diameter in the puller keeps the tolerance steady. This set-up will save you time and cost, while causing much less material wastage.




Noztek Filament Winder 2.0

Next, your filament is spooled to prepare it for printing.

Designed from the ground up to enhance your extruding experience, this filament winder has an embedded touch screen which allows greater control over your winding process. The Winder 2.0 is capable of winding up to a 2.2Kg spool at a time, with extreme accuracy.

This unit is a must for anyone using a Noztek extruder as it enhances the filament tolerances and directly winds all the extruded filament neatly onto a spool. When the winding is done, simply remove the spool and load it directly to your 3D printer.

The winding guide is powered by a belt driven linear actuator using a stepper motor and controlled by our own bespoke software.



Take a look at the full extrusion system in action in our workshop below

Video not working? Find it here.



Manuals for each component of the full extrusion system can be found here

There are also additional components to add-on to this line up, such as the Noztek Resin and Spool Dehydrator. The dehydrator can either be used before with the polymer in pellet form or after the spool has been wound in order to fully dry out the prepared filament.