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The Noztek team developed a new Noztek Pro powered by an Arduino processor: The Noztek Touch.

This touch screen version has a number of enhanced extra features including motor variable speed control, a greater accuracy temperature setting and a timer facility. Safety features have been built in: an initial preheat setting prevents the motor from engaging until full operating temperature is reached. Additionally, the motor will automatically shut down if the operating temperature drops 20% below the set temperature setting.

Stainless steel barrel screw and nozzle for pharma and abrasive composite materials.


Customers can specify three different motor specifications depending on the type of resin they intend to extrude: 53 RPM 6 Nm, 33 RPM 9 Nm or 15 RPM 17 Nm (recommended for powder extrusion). These motors use a built-in encoder in order for the processor to calculate and vary the speed.

The Arduino module has an integrated USB interface port which will allow for firmware updates depending on the user preferences.

We also launched a brand new tolerance puller and winder system with laser sensors, along with a cooling water bath. This full system + USB integration allows the Noztek Touch to monitor and control the tolerance settings and adjust the settings to optimise filament measurements. Users can also now generate a spreadsheet giving detailed information about the full extrusion session. The exact temperature and motor speed settings are now easily determined for any polymer, thanks to this detailed data.

The Noztek Touch is available in 2 versions: The standard Dual PID model and the high-temperature version. Both versions can extrude not only ABS and PLA but a wide range of other resins and powdered material.

All Noztek Touch & Touch HT’s are now made with fstainless steel barrel & screws.

We are often asked about what differentiates the Touch from the Pro. Here’s a table to help understand when choosing an extruder:

Noztek Pro and Touch comparison
Product Comparison between Noztek Pro and Noztek Touch Filament Extruders


USB Connectivity option is now available

As with our Xcalibur and Tolerance Puller, we are pleased to announce that we’ve added the option for the Noztek Touch to include USB interconnectivity. This will provide real-time updated data information to your laptop or PC, showing the progress of your filament extrusion process.


Noztek Touch with Data Mnitoring Software


Every Noztek Touch comes with our 12 month guarantee, we will either fix or replace any unit within a year of purchase.



New Release: A limited edition fully stainless steel version of the Noztek Touch. This extruder not only now has a stainless barrel and screw, but all fixings including the chassis and hopper are fabricated from stainless steel. This useful new design is targeted at the pharmaceutical market where material contamination is an important factor.

Select ‘Stainless Steel’ in the ‘Body’ drop-down menu





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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 27 × 80 × 27 cm

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