Noztek Water Bath




After extruding,the cooling process can easily compromise the tolerance of your filament. The Noztek Water Bath provides even and clean cooling to maintain control of the desired filament measurements. Designed to sit in a seamless extruding system chain between your Noztek extruder and Tolerance Puller.Noztek Water Bath aerial

It is important that the qualities of any one run of filament are consistent to optimise the resulting print. Noztek have designed this stainless steel water bath to enhance all aspects of the material that passes through it with the following components:The double layer bath design and integrated pump system keeps the water cycled and at a steady capacity. The tension of the filament is also heavily responsible for these results. Our all new Water Bath maintains this tension, providing the ideal distance between extruder and Puller. After customising your settings at either side, this water bath will further enhance your experience for a truly professional filament manufacturing process.

Manufactured from stainless steel, supplied with filament guides and a water pump.


Outer tray: L 1m x W 20cm x H 6cm

Inner tray: L 80cm x W 9cm x H 7cm