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Accurate and reliable Tolerance management system

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Set and manage your tolerance straight from your extruder

To get the most out of your extruding process; precision and consistency of tolerance is of essential. We have developed the Tolerance Puller to relieve some of the biggest causes of material and time wastage. With this machine you can systematically manage the size of the filament, and you can do this straight from your extruder.

Users are able to set the diameter of the filament, the speed it renders and the error correction ratio. The system relies on tension to get smooth reliable results, firstly, the ideal distance should be set using the Water Bath. Secondly, pulling the material from a larger nozzle on the extruder to a much smaller diameter in the puller keeps the tolerance steady. This set-up will save you time and cost, while causing much less material wastage.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a water bath (between extruder and puller) – sold seperately and our laser filament Winder. Users are also able to connect via USB to a computer/laptop with our bespoke software. Using this to monitor and analyse the performance, you can generate charts detailing speed and tolerance.

Our newest software release (below) monitors your extruding and tolerance data in real time. Simply connect to a laptop or PC. This is also compatible with the Noztek Xcalibur and soon even the Noztek Touch. Read more on the controller here.

Puller Controller Interface




  • Bespoke software
  • Error correction control
  • Touch screen
  • USB laptop connectivity
  • Bespoke PCB
  • Arduino
  • Extremely accurate laser sensor from Keyence, measures to 00.00
  • 110v and 220v versions available

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