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A fully stainless steel hot melt desktop extruder specialized in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The Noztek fusionX.


Our new extruder release proudly achieves laboratory extrusion in a neat desktop machine. This compact extruder is powerful and capable of producing results comparable to machines many times its size. The touch screen controls on the Noztek fusionX are simple and intuitive, and extrusion data can be monitored and exported at the click of a button with our unique desktop software.



The stainless steel build supports the prevention of material contamination, and thorough cleaning is made simple with a split barrel design.


  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Small batch capability – only 5g of material is required to produce filament
  • Split barrel design for easy cleaning
  • Continuous melting and mixing
  • Adjustable mixing and cutting inserts
  • Designed to produce an intensive mixing behavior
  • Small footprint desktop design (68x24cm)
  • Three independently controlled heating elements
  • Motor speed control
  • Laptop integration for control, data monitoring, and analysis
  • Ideal for the Pharmaceutical industry or for mixing exotic materials
  • Multiple dies are being developed, including a thin sheet design


The mixing screw shears the material against up to 3 staggered interchangeable blending blades, pictured below:

Noztek Blending Blades close up
Noztek Bespoke Blending Blades

The Noztek fusionX Blending Blades and tool









The blending blades, made from hardened and tempered stainless steel, can be configured in a way to refine the mixing progress. For example, larger inserts can be placed at the front end, then subsequently reducing the insert size at the next two points of contact.
The steel inserts play a dual role, as they also balance the screw in a perfectly central position within the barrel. This ensures the material is in a consistent circulation between the screw and the barrel. The machine is equipped with a tool to easily remove the blades, to change them for a different size, or to clean the machine between uses.


Find our diagrams of the fusionX below, along with a video to see it in detail, featuring a quick demo on removing the blades to clean.



Find more videos on our YouTube ChannelNoztek fusionX Spec Sheet diagram


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