Noztek Xcalibur



Verson 3 of our premium extruder




The brand new Noztek Xcalibur version 3 is now ready to ship, This version has a completely new operating system, users can now connect their laptop or PC to directly control the extruder and download extrusion date after every session. Ultimately, this will then link to our brand new Tolerance Sensor System allowing users to compile and analyse independent band temperature, motor speed and filament tolerance.

The Xcalibur extruder is one of the most advanced desktop extruders on the market today. It has an enhanced range of features including its triple high temperature heater bands, all designed to work reliably at up to 600c (higher temperatures are available on bespoke order). This has been developed to melt almost any polymer, including high temperature thermoplastics and metal powdered combinations.Xcalibur Hero

The whole barrel, screw and coupling assembly are now made from stainless steel. We’ve also tweaked the three stage screw design to improve extrusion performance. The chassis is also now much larger, which accommodates a brand new power supply which automatically switches from 220v to 110v. In addition, we have upgraded the heater bands, the 220v and 110v variants now have a higher wattage and are much easier to remove when switching over the barrels.

The Noztek Xcalibur has a bespoke engineered three stage screw, based on its industrial cousin, which generates additional internal barrel pressure. We have added a very powerful DC motor, with an adjustable top speed of 35 rpm (faster motors up to 57rpm and 22Nm torque are also available) and a high torque of 35 Nm – this is essential to maintain constant screw revolutions when extruding highly viscous materials.This Noztek Xcalibur is capable of extruding approximately 8-10m per minute or approximately 2 Kg per hour.

Noztek Xcalibur Filament Extruder Motor

Noztek Xcalibur Specs

  • Three independently controlled high temperature heater bands
  • Three stage bespoke engineered stainless steel screw, designed to generate barrel pressure
  • An extremely high torque hand built DC motor, which generates 35Nm with a maximum speed of 35 RPM (57 RPM 22 Nm available)
  • EM243 motor controller
  • Interchangeable barrel and screw
  • Data readout of temperature and motor speed
  • Motor and fan speed control
  • Timer facility
  • 7 inch touch screen interface.
  • Traco automatic switching power supply
  • Stainless steel 1 Kg capacity hopper
  • Extrusion speed 6-8m per minute
  • Screw: 39cm L -5mm channel depth
  • Gradient of 130mm to 200mm
  • Helix angle 23 degrees
  • Flight H: 22mm
  • Motor L 38cm x 8cm W
  • Arduino powered
  • Bespoke PCB board
  • High performance max 600c (750c on request)

Supplied in both 220V and 110V models. Current lead time 5 days from date of order.

New Quick Release HT Heater Bands


Noztek Xcalibur Filament Extruder Heater Bands


These high performance bands have been designed especially for users changing polymer types frequently and wish to change & clean the barrel each time you use the extruder. The quick release capability simply saves you time when changing the barrel. This new customisation is priced on request, please contact us if you would like to add it to your order.


Noztek Xcalibur Filament Extruder Heater Bands and nozzle


The Noztek Xcalibur Software Update

The latest software update on the Xcalibur communicates all functions of the extruder remotely to a detailed interface on your computer, encouraging more control and connectivity to your project. The interface will allow you to monitor all the information you need including temperature, motor speed, even barrel pressure. You also have the ability to adjust these settings should you need to make any changes.

How it works

The Xcalibur Controller is available to download now on Windows. Once downloaded, connect your extruder by USB, then simply adjust the necessary data on the controller interface. Hitting display gives you the option of displaying your data on a graph (pictured below) and showing PID values. Finally, you have the ability to export all data to .csv file at any time.

Noztek Xcalibur Filament Extruder Controller Interface

Alonside this update, we also gave our Tolerance Puller the same treatment, allowing you to monitor both on the same screen. As seen above, the interface gives you  (see  tab on image ubove). The Xcalibur and Tolerance Puller togeteher make up 2 parts of the ultimate Noztek Desktop extruding line up.



Additional Information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 135 × 40 × 40 cm