Noztek Pelletiser


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The Noztek Pelletizer is a dual-purpose compounder, designed and made in-house.

This easy-to-use machine is designed for two core purposes, and accordingly, it is available with two different cutting blades. The first is for micro-compounding and is targeting research and development in the pharmaceutical industry and the other is for more intensive production.

The pelletiser fits perfectly for lab work with the fusionX lab extruder and for extended production when used with our Full Extrusion System to produce exotic materials in pelletised form.

  • Preset settings for a quick setup with accurate pellet sizes
  • Super hardened steel cutting blades ensure long use life and are able to compound even the toughest materials
  • Multiple safety features
  • Manual override mode allows puller and cutting blade control
  • Stainless steel manufacture


Pelletiser Illustration


This product is currently in preparation, we’ll update the page and notify our mailing list and YouTube subscribers of its’ progress and with the release date soon. To stay up to date, make sure you’re subscribed to both!

For now, a video of our prototype in action-


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