Replacement Set of High Performance Nozzles 1.75mm and 3mm


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One set of two spare high performance extruder nozzles, available in 1.75mm & 3mm. The new cone shaped nozzles have shown improvements in the accuracy of tolerance, and the consistency in quality.

We also have stock of undrilled nozzles, if this is your preference, please specify this with your order.
 Noztek High Performance Nozzles


This product is intended to be an add on when purchasing the Noztek Pro, If you would like to order this separately please send us an email.

A set of nozzles 1.75mm & 3mm are included as standard with all extruders.

We now have stainless steel nozzles priced at £92 per set. Due to the difficulty in drilling stainless steel we only sell 1.75mm and 3mm.

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