What our customers say

Here are just a few snippets of praise we have recieved in response to our products, this is not a comprehensive display of our feedback. While our customer feedback is important and highly valued, we respect their privacy and will never demand reviews for our own marketing. Instead we form trusting relationships and any detailed dialogues are kept confidential.

“Loving the usability of the extruder. It’s proving to be a sturdy little machine”..
-Kerry Trueman, Nottingham University

“I’m extruding many different experimental blends and your machine works great for the research” 
-Seattle Shellfish, LLC.

“I have tested your noztek pro and I’m very happy to see the good function and design. It is a very cool machine!”
-Benjamin BOUET multistation, France 

“I have received the extruder. Congratulation, your equipment is very clean, beautiful finishes. It gives confidence!”
-Bertr and Beury, France 

“Your extruder is tested by me. It works very well…i am very glad…..it is very good at PLA, ABS”
-Park Su, South Korea

“The filament shown in the images was extruded using Noztek Pro extruder and produced very good quality filament.”
-ebay store, wedo3Dprinting

“A couple of months ago I bought a filament extruder. Let me first say that I am loving the product. We even have named her.” 
-Karapet, Belgium 

“We are happy with the extruder, we did some modifications to facilitate the cleaning process and it works really good with powders”.
-Alvaro, University College London


Our valued loyal customers include


BAE Systems

Honda Japan
Fisher Scientific
Ford USA
Pepsi USA
Johnson & Johnson USA
National Physical Laboratory
Veolia France
Saint Gobain
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard University
Texas University
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
Universal Fibers USA
ETH Zurich

New York University
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
Imperial College London
Duke University
University College London
School of Pharmacy Belfast
Nottingham University
Sydney University
Swansea University
Bergische Universität
Sabanci University
Lafayette College
UCL School of Pharmacy
University of British Columbia
Westmead Hospital Australia
Wetaworkshop New Zealand
The Wild Factory set designers USA



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