Running a Noztek Extruder is very economical. The motor runs at 40w and the heater at 220w, this roughly equates to lighting two and a half 100w light bulbs.

Yes. You can extrude single or multi coloured filament.

We can ship anywhere in the world and we will mail you a tracking number in advance. Depending on your location, you can usually expect a 3-4 day lead time. The Full System is made to order so please allow one week. All our machines are tested in-house before dispatch.

There are a large number of wholesalers who will supply ABS & PLA pellets, just google wholesalers in your country. For UK customers, we keep an updated trusted suppliers list.

In our tests we consistently produce 1kg in just over 2 hours. The Noztek Pro extrudes at approximately 2.5m per minute whereas the Noztek Xcalibur can extrude at 8-10m per minute.

An essential part of filament manufacturing is preparing it onto the spool to store, or ready to load to your printer. We now manufacture and sell a filament winder. We also sell empty spools, see our products page for more details.

Setting up our machines couldn’t be much easier, simply unpack and plug into mains. For instructions on how to operate the different products, please find our user manuals here.

All Noztek Pro products come with a 12 month return to base warranty. If for any reason one of the components becomes faulty, simply return that component and we will replace it free of charge. We also offer a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee

Yes. When working with PLA we strongly recommend that you purchase the best quality resin possible and use our Spool and Resin Dehydrator to remove all the moisture before extruding.

Yes, it is possible to extrude recycled plastic. Our advice is that you grind it down to granule size and mix it 50/50 with recycled ABS pellets for best results. We are currently prototyping a shredder for this very purpose so that you’re able to grind plastic packaging, disused prints etc and print with them. This is designed to sit alongside the rest of our product line-up, giving you the infrastructure of an independent recycling unit. Read more about the Recycling Shredder here.

If you need to extrude filament in different sizes other than 1.75mm or 3mm, we can supply you with blank nozzles that you can drill yourself. If this is the case, please specify at the checkout, extras can be purchased here

The answer is yes, many of our customers have been successfully extruding a wide combination and range of different materials. The possible amount of permutations are practically limitless.

The best way to achieving great tolerance results is to to use the new Noztek Tolerance Puller.

Drying your resin before use is also very important if you wish to achieve tight filament tolerances. We sell a resin dehydrator for professional results.

With the Noztek Pro extruder range, you can control the filament diameter by adjusting the temperature settings. The general rule is; the higher the temperature, the thinner the filament.

Noztek Touch extruders have the option of speed control and the dual PID facility allows users to independently control the temperature of both the preheater and main heater bands. Both of these features have an effect on filament tolerance.

Die swell relates to the expansion of the extruded material once it is expelled from the nozzle and comes into contact with the atmosphere. Not all polymers, but the core plastics are subject to this. We intentionally under-drill the nozzles by 15% to compensate for this expansion.

We usually supply 1 x 1.75mm and a 3mm nozzle, but we can supply two
3mm. In fact, both these nozzles are under drilled to allow for die
swell (expansion of the material on exit from the nozzle bore) the 3mm is
drilled to 2.5mm and the 1,75mm nozzle is drilled to 1.6mm.

If you find that your composite material tolerance is too thin, then you may want to think about drilling a larger bore. We do also supply blank dies, which you can drill yourself.

If you intend to extrude exotic thermoplastics such as ULTEM, PEEK etc, we would recommend that you buy either a Noztek Pro HT or a Noztek Touch HT with a pre-heater band. This will help to reduce the possibility of a barrel jam (due to the build-up of material in the barrel). Another recommendation is to purge the barrel after each extrusion run (please see our FAQ on cleaning the barrel.

No, the grading of these materials is completely different and the results will not be good.

Extruder Power (watts)
Noztek Pro/Noztek Touch 464
Noztek Pro HT/Noztek Touch HT 770
Noztek Xcalibur 1600

Yes. this is possible, however it depends how busy we are at the time, so we will ask for your patience!

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