Dry Cooling Alternative to a Waterbath: The Noztek Roller Conveyor

We’ve created a dry cooling alternative to the Waterbath, made especially for watersensitive materials.

With the direction our newest machines are taking us in, along with the ever-evolving innovation in the additive industries, more and more of our customers are extruding with water-sensitive materials. The cooling process is an essential step to include just before the Puller, it finishes the extrusion as it is pulled toward the Tolrance Puller, and the Roller Conveyor is the perfect, versatile dry cooling alternative to a Waterbath in achieving great results!

The Roller Conveyor is simple in construction, featuring height adjustment and solid rollign bars, with two fans underneath. The fully stainless steel build is robust and lends itself to be used in a variety of applications.

Adjust the height to fit with your unique equipment setup using the simple hex nuts on all four of the legs. The filament should rest gently over the top of the bars.

If your extruded material requires a longer distance, you can use two together!

Roller Conveyor photograph

Watch our short video showing the Roller Conveyor in action alongside the Noztek Pro Extruder and Tolerance Puller.


Watch it on YouTube: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxWnB4QLFc0&ab_channel=NoztekInnovations