Xcalibur Extruder Software Update: Greater control

April 6, 2018 • Posted by admin in Blog  

Xcalibur Extruder Software Update: Greater control

Since its release in 2016 The Xcalibur has been a popular choice for all sorts of extruding needs. At Noztek, we are constantly revisiting and re-imagining our products to explore new possibilities and opportunities for the kind of breakthroughs that our products born from. Part of this process is listening to our customers and applying their feedback to our updates. One need we’ve started hearing a lot of is having the ability to connect and communicate with the extruder in more depth from our computer desktops, and we are delivering exactly that with the Xcalibur controller. We’ve also  going to add the feature of monitoring the internal barrel pressure for good measure.

The Update

The latest software update on the Xcalibur communicates all functions of the extruder remotely to a detailed controller interface on your computer, encouraging more control and connectivity to your project. The interface will allow you to monitor all the information you need including Temperature, Motor Speed, and now even barrel pressure, plus the ability to adjust these settings should you need to make any changes.

How it works

The Xcalibur Controller is available to download now on IOS, Linux and Windows now. Once downloaded, connect to your extruder by USB, you can then simply adjust in the necessary data on the controller interface. Hitting display will give you the added options of displaying your data on a graph (pictured below) and showing PID values. Finally, you have the ability to export all data to .csv file at any time.

To the Future….

We believe that this update will further enhance the reliable experience you have using your Noztek Extruder. Next up for Noztek will be the update of our filament winder with programmable laser sensor, creating a seamless transition from your extruder to you 3d printer itself.

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