Full Filament Extrusion System


An entire extrusion system, from pellet to filament


The Full Package

The full Noztek extrusion system is now available to buy as a package. Including everything you need to get from pellet to spooled filament. You’ll not only have everything under seamless control and running without intervention, but you’ll also be able to monitor every process and collect data on the go.

The Noztek Products in Harmony

More and more, our customers are asking for greater control and manipulation fo the materials they’re working with. At a time when innovation is moving at such speed and the competition is high, you’ll want a set up that delivers reliable results and where all componants are in harmony with each other. We love this line up for the smooth and careful way that the filament is passed through the process.

The Xcalibur is our desktop industrial extruder, feed pellets into the hopper here to begin the process. The polymer will be quickly extruded into a smooth filament, which then travels through the Water Bath to cool before the Tolerance Puller mangaes the diameter and passes the filament on through to the Winder 2.0 where it is smoothly wound onto spool.

Measure Performance

Of course, you’ll be able to use our software to monitor the performance fo the Xcalibur and the Tolerance Puller, together on one screen on your desktop computer or laptop.

Take a look at the full extrusion system in action in our workshop below:

Manuals and specs for each component can be found here

There are also additional components to add-on to this line up, such as the Noztek Resin and Spool Dehydrator, which can either be used before with the polymer in pellet form or after the spool has been wound in order to fully dry out the prepared filament.