Noztek Laser Tolerance System

August 10, 2018 • Posted by admin in Blog  

Streamlining tolerance
Reduce material waste
Save time
Most accurate and consistent tolerances

Noztek have efficiency at the core of everything they design and manufacture. Our products are always ready to use right out of the box and each of them exist to solve their own pain or problem users face.

Tackling inaccuracy and inconsistency in filament tolerances – resulting in less material wasted and less time wasted.

We believe that tolerance should not be left to chance, we shouldn’t be wasting precious time and materials with problems like printer jamming and quality inconsistencies. To fight this, over the past couple of years we have been working on an important piece of machinery which will fit right into the Noztek product family.

Designed from the ground up to tackle inaccurate and inconsistent tolerances, Users are able to determine the width of the filament, the speed at which it renders and the correction ratio. The system relies on tension to get smooth, reliable results, pulling the material from a larger nozzle on the extruder to a much smaller diameter in the puller ensures the tension is keeping the resulting tolerance consistent. The error correction control This set-up will save you time and cost, while causing significantly less material wastage.

Coming soon… How Noztek have prepared for simple and accessible small scale recycling

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