How expensive is the Filament Extruder to run?

It’s very economical, the motor runs at 40w and the heater at 220w, this roughly equates to lighting two and a half 100w light bulbs.

Can I make different coloured filament?

Yes. You can extrude single or multi coloured filament.

How long will it take to ship?

We can ship anywhere in the world and we will mail your a tracking number in advance. Depending on your location, 3-4 days would be our maximum lead time for the Noztek Pro or Touch. All our machines are tested in-house before dispatch.

Where can I buy the bulk pellets?

There are a large number of wholesalers who will supply ABS & PLA pellets. Just Google wholesalers in your country. For UK customers there is a post on our blog which will be updated regularly.

How much filament can I expect to produce?

In our tests we consistently produced a Kg in under 2 hours. The Noztek Pro extrudes at approximately 2.5m per minute. The Noztek Xcalibur can extrude at 8m per minute.

How can I wind the filament onto spools?

We manufacture and sell a filament winder, please go to the products page for more information. We also sell empty spools, see our products page for more details.

Is it easy to operate?

Yes, just unpack the unit, plug it into the mains. Switch on the heater element (red button) and adjust the temperature gauge to the desired setting leave for 15 minutes to maintain temperature. For ABS we recommend between 185 – 205 degrees Celsius and PLA between 160-175c. Once the desired temperature has been reached load up the hopper with ABS or PLA pellets, then switch on the motor and start extruding. It’s best to place the unit as high as you can and let the filament coil into a roll. For best results use extrusion grade filament not injection moulding pellets.

What about the warranty?

All the Noztek Pro’s come with a 12 month return to base warranty. If for any reason one of the component becomes faulty, simply return the component and we will replace it free of charge. We also offer a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee.

Can I extrude PLA?

Yes you can but If you intend to extrude PLA we recommend that you purchase the best quality resin that you can and also use a food dryer to remove all the moisture before extruding.

What about recycled plastic?

It is possible to extrude recycled plastic but we would advise that you grind it down to granule size and for best results then mix it 50/50 with recycled ABS.

How do I clean the barrel

For barrel purging we use Polypropylene (RM032) for purging at
lower temperatures around 200c and for higher temperature extrusion
Calcium Carbonate based masterbatch (RM8076) 400c. We purchase these
from a company in the UK called silvergate.co.uk

Alternatively, there are two bespoke products that are used to purge
industrial barrels:

Asaclean, a high temperature purging agent used in the US.

Ducapurge a thermoplastic purge compound from the UK:

Extra screw and barrels are useful, when extruding completely
different types of materials.

 Spare nozzles

If you need to extrude filament in different sizes other than 1.75 or 3mm, then we do stock blank nozzles that you can drill yourself. Please specify this at the checkout.

For a more detailed explanation of how the Noztek Pro operates please download the user manual.







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