Coming Soon! – The Noztek Resin and Filament Spool Dehydrator

Drying your resin before extruding and spools of filament before 3D printing is essential to ensuring optimum material performance and surface finish. We are well on the way to making this process accessible to our customers, introducing the Noztek Resin and Spool Dehydrator.

To get a consistent quality of the filament it is critcally important to dry the resin to prepare it for the extrusion process. Moisture in the polymer will create steam pockets when extruded and this will ultimately have a negative effect on the filament extrusion and will effect the 3D prints.

When you extrude filament that is moist, the moisture in the material vaporizes and creates air bubbles in the filament. This can break apart polymer chains, weakening the material, and it  weakens internal adhesion. It also leaves an undesirable surface finish.

With this in mind Noztek have developed a touch screen drum based resin and spool dehydrator, which we aim to bring to market in the coming months.


Humidity sensor
Temperature setting
Humidity Sensor
Tumbler with tight mesh
Holds up to 4 spools

220V and 110V will be available


Noztek Resin and Spool Dehydrator